In order to ease the process of buying Elanesse jewelry, we have implemented multiple payment methods. Whether you want to buy from the comfort of your own home, whether at the bank's counter, the various payment options we provide give you the freedom to pay how you want.

Here are the payment methods available when buying from Elanesse:

Orders can be paid online with your debit or credit card using our secure server. Accepted cards cover a large area, payment being possible with: Master Card, Visa, Discover Network.

2. BANK TRANSFER, after receiving the proforma invoice:
If you choose to pay your jewelry by bank transfer, please contact one of our representatives and he will issue a proforma invoice.

3. Paypal, directly from the comfort of your home:
We are a modern company, therefore we have embraced the new trends and decided to implement the Paypal payment system, which offers our customers the opportunity to buy jewelry directly from the comfort of their home. The system is one of the most popular and offers optimum safety to its users.