What the wedding rings are everybody knows, but the origins, symbolism or characteristics that differentiate them are less known. In most cultures, these are made of metal and are worn on the index finger, and although in Europe they are worn since their origins by both spouses, in the United States, it was only in the twentieth century that they became a symbol of married men.

Wondering why this happened? The guide below provides all the information you need to know to fully understand the symbolism of these objects.

The history and symbolism of the wedding rings
In Egypt, there were found relics looking like wedding rings, which date back 3,000 years ago. Rarely a symbol has been able to withstand so much time and spread throughout the world, but it was to be expected, since all cultures of the world cherish the love of two people as the essence of society. Therefore, if we may say, the resistance of the wedding rings as a symbol resulted from the very power of people to love.

The Egyptians saw the circle as a symbol of eternity, a leitmotif that easily found its place among the first lovers of the world. They were also the ones who established the custom to wear the wedding rings on the left hand, which the ancient people believed to have a vein directly connected to the heart.

Between 1500 and 1600, the puzzle pendants, which had a unique shape, appeared in Europe, the rings of both spouses matching each other perfectly. They were, at the same time, the engagement rings that joined together during the union ceremony. After this act, the wife wore both united rings. Years later, during the Renaissance, the wedding rings were inscribed with a poem, and the habit remained until today, in some places.

Another form of the puzzle pendants evolved later. Composed of several pieces, they had a complicated design and acted as a commitment to fidelity. If the wife took off her wedding ring, her husband could find out about it, because she did not know how to interconnect the pieces back.
At the end of the nineteenth century, Americans used the wedding ring only for spouses until a company started a large marketing campaign that led to the adoption of the custom that both spouses would have rings, just like in the rest of the world. However, the success of this campaign was achieved only after the Second World War, when 80% of the weddings were habitual. .

In the western countries, the wedding rings are made of white gold, pink or yellow, platinum or palladium. The use of precious materials is a symbol of the nobility of the act. If in the past lyrics were written on them, today the wedding rings hide the names of the two, the date of the wedding or a phrase that has a special meaning for them.

Wedding rings etiquette
Since it is a symbol of eternal union, the wedding ring should be always worn. If you still want to avoid it being damaged in certain situations or special cases where it can no longer be worn, you attach it to a necklace on your neck.

On the wedding day, the engagement ring should be moved to the middle finger of the right hand, so that during the ceremony the husband can easily place the wedding ring on the hand of his future wife. Once the wedding is over, tradition says the engagement ring is moved to the middle finger of the left hand so that the wedding ring is next to him as a symbol of the new marital status.

Some women choose to ignore the etiquette of the wedding rings and have their own wearing style. Among the most common variations are: wearing the wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger, wearing the engagement ring on the right hand, etc. No matter how you choose to wear both rings, the most important is that they are comfortable and that their symbolism remains strong.

When choosing the wedding rings
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When choosing your wedding ring, consider how it matches your engagement ring so you do not feel uncomfortable when you wear it on the same hand. There are several types of sets:

Some of them match perfectly, using the same pattern, diamonds of the same size or the same type of metal.

You can also make your own unique combination by choosing a wedding ring to highlight the engagement ring or vice versa. In this case, you can purchase custom-made wedding rings or check in the same collection from the same store where the ring was ordered.

Diamond wedding rings are the favorites of women everywhere. Any precious stone from the engagement ring can only be highlighted by an elegant diamond string.